Sightseeing by seaplane along the Helgeland coast


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Lift your Norwegian holiday to new heights! Imagine sightseeing Helgeland and the most magnificent coastline in the world by seaplane. Feel the excitement as you peer down at majestic mountains and a myriad of idyllic islands and islets with chalk-white beaches surrounded by crystal-clear seas.

What you will experience

Maybe you yearn for an extended weekend in London or another trip to the exotic Maldives? Well, this airborne adventure is for travellers who expect extraordinary experiences – such as soaring like an eagle above the Svartisen glacier and the most beautiful coastline in the world.

Day 1 and 2

We start our voyage by meeting up at the venerable Fru Haugans Hotel in Mosjøen. You can get to this coastal town by plane, train, express boat, the coastal steamer Hurtigruten, or by driving. The hotel features Restaurant Ellen, which offers international cuisine based on the very best local produced ingredients. Fru Haugans Hotel is a proud member of the Historic Hotels and Restaurants of Norway. As you wander the hotel, the oldest in Northern Norway, you will see antiques and fine artworks and really feel the history in its walls. Be sure to visit the hotel’s own museum.

Then take a stroll through town, especially along historic Sjøgata, a street lined with cosy cafés, restaurants and shops, and well-preserved wooden houses. During the summer there are opportunities for rafting and many more adventures.

Just outside the town centre, Øyfjellet awaits you. You can ascend by walking the Sherpa-built Helgeland Stairs, which has more than 3000 stone steps up the mountain. Alternatively you can climb the Via Ferrata, a safe mountain-climbing adventure that doesn’t require any specialised knowledge or prior climbing experience. The summit rewards you with a spectacular bird’s-eye view of Mosjøen!

Are you ready for yet a challenge? We invite you to soar down the 700 metre long Mosjøen Zipline. Experience the adrenaline rush as you fly across the river and land safely in the gardens of Fru Haugans Hotel.

To experience the best of this historic coastal town, we highly recommend a two-day stay.

Day 3 and 4

Our voyage continues by seaplane to STØTT – Top of Helgeland. Together with the pilot, you can choose the airborne route. You can fly along the coast and see thousands of islands and islets strewn out like scenic gems below. Or you can chart a course that takes you inland, above majestic mountains and Svartisen, the second-largest glacier on the Norwegian mainland.

At Støtt, you simply must experience Restaurant Gammelbutikken. Once the old country store of the fishing community, this dining venue has a strong historic atmosphere, and your surroundings are testimony to the ancient coastal culture. Your personal host welcomes you, and the chef and staff take pride in serving you dishes prepared with the freshest fish from the nearby Vestfjord and the finest locally sourced ingredients.

We can diligently account for the entire supply chain, from sea and farm to your dinner plate! You can appreciate that as you savour flavours that complement each other. By the way, did you know that we are the only restaurant in all of Norway that dries its own stockfish? Our signature dish is the chef’s delicious variant of bacalao.

In order to get the most out of Støtt, we recommend at least a two-day stay. That will allow you to participate in a number of the exciting adventures and activities offered, such as:

• Deep-sea fishing trip
• Boat trip in the nearby archipelago
• A walk in the fishing village and around the island
• Swimming and diving
• Kayaking
• A glacier trek on Svartisen
• A visit to Kalsholmen lighthouse
• Exploring the island by bike
• A guided tour through Støtt’s fisheries history and local World War II events
• A RIB sea-rafting trip to Myken and Valvær, or to Svartisen glacier
• A RIB sea-rafting excursion with a summit hike on Rødøya, Hestmannen or Træna

Day 5

After breakfast, enjoy an exciting day on Støtt – or continue to your next destination.


Why not make the next leg of your holiday journey an adventure? We suggest our RIB sea-rafting excursion to Bodø; it’s a great opportunity to experience the islands, islets and skerries, as well as the rich and varied birdlife and marine wildlife along the coast. On the way, we’ll even visit the legendary Saltstraumen, one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. The maelstrom it generates was immortalised by Jules Verne in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

We’ll time this RIB sea-rafting adventure to correspond with your flight from Bodø to your next destination.

The sea-rafting adventure to Bodø may also be enjoyed as a round trip. For instance, if you drive to Mosjøen and leave your car there, you can return from Bodø to Mosjøen by train or plane.

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Food and dining




  • Fru Haugans Hotel
  • Seaplane flight
  • Activities and adventures
  • The town of Mosjøen
  • History
  • Amazing Helgeland panoramas
  • Food prepared with local ingredients
  • The island of Støtt

Useful information

Remember to bring

  • Outdoor clothing that suit the weather. Check the weather forecast.
  • Warm woollen clothing
  • Windproof and waterproof outer garments
  • Good boots


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