Photographer: Reis Nordland / Nordland fylkeskommune

Express boat

The Nordland Express (NEX1) is the regional express boat. It calls at Støtt several times a day. In addition, the local speedboat also calls at Støtt several times a day. Between these, Støtt Old Trading Post enjoys excellent communications with Bodø, Ørnes and other places on the Helgeland coast.

It is surprisingly easy to get to your destination of choice on the Helgeland coast – namely Støtt. On average, travel takes less than three hours from one of the major towns in the region.

Treat yourself to a scenic adventure – experience the world’s most beautiful coastline!

Island hopping in Helgeland

It has never been easier or more convenient to visit the spectacular highlights along the Helgeland coast. The Nordland Express (NEX1s) offers summer schedules that service many ports of call, from the town of Sandnessjøen in the south to Bodø in the north. Think of this boat ride as a scenic adventure along the most beautiful coastline in the world!

There is no need to hurry. You can divide up this journey, hopping from island to island at your own pace. Along the Helgeland coast, there are many islands and archipelagos worth exploring.

With Travel Pass Nordland you can travel as much as you want by express boat, ferry and bus for a whole week within Nordland County – and at a very favourable price.

Book your tickets early

It’s always a good idea to book your express boat tickets early. In fact, we recommend that you book your express boat tickets at the same time as you’re booking your stay at Støtt. You can do this easily by following the links below.

The travel planner for Reis Nordland

Booking tickets on the local and regional express boats

Nordland Express NEX, Summer 2024 (PDF)

Ørnes – Støtt

06:45 Monday–Friday
09:35 Monday–Saturday
14:40 Monday-Thursday
15:15 Fridays
16:05 Monday–Friday (24 June – 18 August)
16:10 Monday–Thursday
16:55 Sundays

The boat trip to Støtt takes 15–30 minutes.

Støtt – Ørnes

07:10 Monday–Friday
09:20 Monday–Friday (24 June – 18 August)
15:10 Monday–Thursday
15:40 Fridays
16:50/17:25 Monday–Thursday
17:25 Friday and Saturday
17:55 Sundays

The boat trip to Støtt takes 15–30 minutes.

Bodø – Støtt

8:00 Monday–Friday (21 June – 20 August)
16:15 Monday–Saturday
16:45 Sundays

The boat trip to Støtt takes about one hour.

Støtt – Bodø

09:55 Monday–Saturday
14:15 Monday–Friday (21 June – 20 August)
17:15 Sundays

The boat trip to Støtt takes about one hour.


Do you dream of flying to your summer paradise by a private helicopter? This will give you an amazing bird’s eye view of the magnificent coast. Make your transportation an exciting, luxurious adventure!

Tell your family, friends or loved ones to get ready to land at “Støtt Airport”.

From Støtt you can also fly on to the next destination, or take a sightseeing flight of the area. We invite you to soar over the Svartisen glacier, peer down on the majestic Meløy Alps and thousands of islands with chalk-white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear seas.

Contact us for an offer on a great airborne adventure!

Charter boats & RIB sea rafts

One of the best ways to experience the beautiful islands and archipelagos is in a RIB sea raft. It’s a great adventure to go speeding amongst the islands, islets and skerries. Moreover, this allows you to get close to the marine animals and rich birdlife that thrive in these waters.

You can also rent a private boat. The skipper will gladly take you on an unforgettable adventure along the Helgeland coast before bringing you to Støtt.

The skipper and the crew can pick you up where you want.

Contact us for an offer.