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Støtt is the perfect base for exploring the Helgeland coast by kayak. Did you know that our region has over 12,000 islands and islets? There is so much scenery just waiting for you!

With friends at Støtt

Experienced travellers insist that Helgeland has the most magnificent coastline in the world. Støtt is the perfect base when you and your friends are looking for an adventure-filled holiday!

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With your family at Støtt

With the world’s most beautiful coastline, Helgeland has all the scenic ingredients for an unforgettable holiday. Støtt is also the perfect place to celebrate a special family event, such as a big birthday, an anniversary or a wedding.

RIB sea rafting to Karlsholmen lighthouse

Join us for an excursion to Karlsholmen lighthouse, perched on a small island nine nautical miles west of Støtt. Today the lighthouse, which peers out over the Atlantic Ocean, is unmanned. This excursion can be combined with a picnic lunch on the island, or taken in the evening under the glow of the midnight sun.

Fotograf Olav Breen

RIB excursion to Rødøyløva

One of the most popular summit hikes on the Helgeland coast is Rødøyløva. Recently, Nepalese Sherpas have built stone stairs that make it more convenient to ascent this peak. The summit view is magnificent!

Deep-sea fishing

Rumour has it that we Norwegians are born with skis on our feet – but did you know that salty seawater flows through our veins? Ever since the Stone Age, fish have fed us, and at times provided prosperity. It’s easy to see why when you cast your hook into the water!

Fotograf Simon Fossheim / Helgeland Reiseliv

An excursion to Hestmannen

Hestmannen is your first choice if you want a truly challenging summit hike. For this adventure you need to be in good shape. Join us for an ascent of the summit about so many legends are told!

The Meløy Alps – from mountains to sea

Put on your skis and join us as we challenge the peaks of the majestic Meløy Alps. Each ascent is rewarded with an incredible off-piste descent.

Fotograf Kim Åge Abelsen

A must in Helgeland!

“Støtt Brygge is a highlight on the Helgeland coast that’s not to be missed. It has a well-sheltered harbour and beautiful surroundings, and the host is terrific. The restaurant offers top dining, and even their museum is well worth the visit to Støtt. You can go canoeing or cycling, or just take a stroll and enjoy the amazing landscape. We’ll be back soon for fishing, scuba diving and summit hikes in the area.”

– Ole-Erik Lerøy

An excellent meal!

“Thanks for an absolutely excellent meal in a wonderful atmosphere last Saturday.”

– Svein Tore Holsether

We’ll definitely be back

“I was at Støtt Brygge with two youths in July. We took a kayaking course and had the opportunity to explore Støtt and the surrounding islands from the seaside. It’s a fantastic area with exciting birdlife and beautiful flora! In September I went back and did a circuit walk of the island with my father who is in his 80s. In the evening we dined on delicious dishes made of the best ingredients. I highly recommend their restaurant! Støtt is a fascinating island with an interesting history. We’ll definitely be back.”

– Jane Andersen

Fantastic food, top Service and a gem of an island community, MUST be experienced!

“Støtt is a gem of an island community, an old fishing village that was an important trading post in the 19th century – with “rock-faces covered with clipfish”. Our family was fascinated by this beautiful, charming and hospitable place. Here we could enjoy the scenery and tranquillity, go cycling, explore the German World War II bunkers and gun positions, go paddle, take a RIB sea-rafting safari and much more.

We spent the night in the newly renovated Bakery, in a nice suite that was tastefully furnished with antiques, but nonetheless had very comfortable beds and all the modern amenities. The service was top notch, with friendly hosts and a staff who gave us helpful tips that enabled us to really get the most out of our visit. The food was absolutely delicious, with seafood dishes such halibut and bacalao on the menu. Yes, Støtt Brygge is a unique place that we can highly recommend. We look forward to coming back! Thank you so much for a wonderful stay.”

– Liv M.

A superb stay!

“We were three couples, old friends close to 70, who had chosen an adventure to Støtt Brygge, in the far north of the Helgeland coast. What a wonderful experience it was! The place, the food, the hosts and their good helpers. Our beautiful rooms took us back in time, and were nice and clean. The old buildings had been beautifully renovated. The scenery was pristine and magnificent. We went on a RIB sea-rafting trip to Myken to check out the whisky distillery run by Jan Hellstrøm and his wife, and their skilled employees. Thoroughly enjoyable whisky and gin tasting. We also took a fishing trip with a large fishing boat – great fishing combined with watching the sea eagles. We also spent a few hours hiking on Svenningen, a neighbouring island, with a guide who told us stories from the war. I can heartily recommend a stay at Støtt. Karsten and Mette, Karin and Per and Elisabeth and Erik.”

– Elisabeth Heber


“I was impressed to my core by last night’s dinner. We had such a nice evening at the museum, with wonderful food and drink. Very authentic!”

– Petter Fjeld

Wonderful Støtt

“We have had several absolutely fantastic days at Støtt Brygge thanks to our hosts, Eva and Sven. The food was exceptional – and I have to admit we’re spoiled. The friendly hosts made sure we had a good time. We hiked the island and enjoyed listening to the stories about the old trading post and the island community. We took a two-day kayaking course, and earned our “wet card” certification. Conditions were great for learning how to master kayaking. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay!”

– Inger-Hilde T.

This place is an adventure!

“We spent our night in the Bakery, in a room that was charming yet modern. That evening we dined on a three-course menu in Restaurant Gammelbutikken. The food and service were fantastic! We also received a guided tour of the second floor of what was once an old shop. Highly recommended. This place is quite an adventure!”

– Eli L.

A gem of a destination in the open sea!

“Støtt Brygge is a gem that must be experienced! Out there surrounded by the open sea, Støtt Brygge is so much more than accommodation and a restaurant. It is a rare and unique destination well worth visiting. It’s a delight to experience an old fishing village, now run as a hotel with rooms in charming old buildings! And they have an excellent kitchen! On Saturday we had a five-course dinner that was consistently of high quality in terms of ingredients, flavour and presentation. The wine package was a perfect match. We thoroughly recommend a stay at Støtt Brygge!”

– Kristin W.

We had a great time!

“We were a group of twelve adults and two children from Asker, Bygdøy and Bergen who had two fantastic days at Støtt. We came to celebrate someone’s 80th birthday. We stayed on the second floor of Meieriet and Rorbua, the fishermen’s quarters. The style of the refurbished rooms was consistent in every detail, with lovely beds and linen. We enjoyed many walks and lots of incredibly delicious food. We had a great time!”

– Merete L.

Go for a visit!

“The food was delicious and the quality of the ingredients was top notch. The new chefs really know their stuff, when it comes to preparing whale meat as well as fish like saithe. We can recommend each of the three courses in the set menu. We enjoyed many great walks on both islands. Go for a visit!”

– Travelling light

We came to Støtt to try the restaurant

“My family and I came to Støtt Brygge, stayed in the Rorbua and ate dinner in the restaurant. The surroundings are historic, the scenery is wild and pristine, and the food was exceptional in terms of both taste and presentation. The flavourful three-course menu was based with local ingredients. The whale, halibut and other fish were served with excellent wines.”

– Eric N.

Courses, team-building and partying!

“Støtt Brygge, on an idyllic island far out at sea, is a place that exudes history, charm and friendly hospitality. The hosts provided a great conference room in the loft, as well as snacks and good food. Our celebratory dinner with fish and whale was especially great, as were the accompanying wines and beverages.

Our accommodation was hotel standard, with refurbished rooms, lovely beds and warm down duvets. Støtt Brygge is a beautiful venue with great food and friendly, helpful hosts. I can recommend it for a company conference and outing where you want to be alone and really concentrate.”

MUST be experienced!

“A lovely place, lovely hosts, and lovely food! This place really has to be experienced. The old buildings surround you with history. And nearby there is more history to be experienced if you take a trip to Svenningen. Our seafood buffet was wonderful!”

– Mailen B.

An eminent chef

“It’s a great pleasure to come here every summer – for lovely luncheons on the terrace by the magnificently restored restaurant house. We really appreciate the eminent chef and kitchen staff, and can highly recommend their fish soup and bacalao, and in fact the whole rest of their menu. Greetings from Eastern Norway.”

– Eva K.

A winner!

“In my opinion, Støtt Brygge offers the best dining experience. Especially the stockfish soup with focaccia was a real winner! The stories they shared and the museum exhibition in the loft was very interesting. We can highly recommend everything.”

– Merethe A.

A great place, lovely food and wonderful hosts

“This is an incredibly beautiful place out in the open sea. Støtt has a colourful history and now a new generation is running the old trading post. They have made impressive efforts to provide great dining and accommodation, while emphasising both your scenic and historical experience. The food is special, local and very good! Great atmosphere, very friendly hosts who show their interest and take their time. This place is worth a visit!”

– Per K.

You just have to come here!

“Wonderful food and good service in fantastic surroundings. Our main course was fresh halibut, perfectly prepared. The three-course meal was paired with a good selection of wines. If you are sailing the coast, you definitely want to pay Støtt a visit, and there is plenty of space for guests in their harbour.”

– Alf-Ole D.

Go to Støtt!

“We were two girlfriends enjoying ourselves – spent the night in the Bakery, which has been completely renovated. Our suite was fantastic, with very stylish refurbishment and furniture, a harmonious mix of old and new. Wonderful dinners with bacalao, halibut and cloudberry ice cream! Really impressive. A delicious breakfast with omelette, crêpes, assorted cold cuts and good bread! Our good hosts offered full service, even though it was a very quiet weekend during the off-season. The people who run Støtt Brygge and work here were great people. We’ll be back and look forward to exploring more of the surrounding scenery! If you haven’t been to Støtt yet, a wonderful experience awaits you.”

– Reise ALM

Quality all the way!

“This is a rare find in Norway. Quality accommodation and terrific dining, with exceptional food and wine. Local ingredients expertly prepared – and you clearly sense they have poured their heart and soul into everything. And Støtt is just a short boat trip from Bodø or Ørnes.”

– Lise Regine