Private events


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To ensure the success of your private events, the experienced staff at Støtt is happy to work closely with you. We’ll make sure that you can give things your personal touch. Given our thorough planning of every detail well in advance, you can be confident that yours will be an event your guests will remember and talk about for years to come.

Your wedding at Støtt

A wedding at Støtt is a magnificent celebration. The romantic occasion, its venue and surroundings may seem to have been taken straight out of a novel by Northern Norway’s Noble-Prize-winning author, Knut Hamsun.

The bride, groom and guests will enjoy the very best seafood, drinks and refreshments that Helgeland has to offer. In addition, the unequalled stately surroundings and the generous hospitality for which Helgeland is famous are certain to make the wedding celebrations unforgettable. For that special day, the entire facility at your disposal!

A birthday celebration at Støtt

Many people have celebrated their birthday at Støtt, gathering friends and their extended family. We’ll provide the conference facility, our distinctive Fisheries Museum, or whatever rooms best fit the occasion. A private venue will make this a more personal and intimate event.