Støtt Kolonial – your shop on the quay

Welcome to the friendly store on the quay, Støtt Kolonial. This grocery store also functions as a social venue, a place where the locals, the people who have holiday homes on Støtt, and tourists all meet. With its wide range of services for everyone, you might say Støtt Kolonial is the hub of the local community. The grocery store is vital to the island’s community of only 25 year-round residents. Støtt Kolonial is the place to enjoy a great cup of coffee, and to exchange stories with the people you meet.

Please feel free to let the proprietor know if you need to order something, or to have groceries or other items delivered to where you’re staying. Remember, you are a valued customer, and by shopping here you help maintain the store, enabling it to continue to provide its vital services.

The store offers…

  • Basic groceries
  • Organic and locally-sourced products (summer)
  • Bread and baked goods fresh from the oven (summer)
  • Post office
  • Diesel

Rental services

  • Bicycles
  • Kayaks with wet-suits and equipment
  • Small boats
  • Fishing gear
  • Hammocks
  • Sleeping bags

Booking the express boat

The grocery store handles tickets and bookings for the express boats. Please call us at +47 401 95 750.

Read more about transportation.

Opening hours


Juni 14 ⁠— August 21

9:00–18:00 Monday–Friday


August 23 ⁠— October 2

10:00–12:00 Monday–Friday
10:00–13:00 Saturdays


October 4 ⁠– May 15

10:00–12:00 Mondays and Wednesdays
15:30–16:30 Fridays
10:00–13:00 Saturdays


May 17 – June 12

10:00–12:00 Monday–Friday
10:00–13:00 Saturdays

Easter schedule

10:00–12:00 every day except public holidays
10:00–13:00 Easter Eve