Fotograf: Heidi Norum

Our sustainability strategy

STØTT – Top of Helgeland firmly believes that sustainable development is a crucial prerequisite for ensuring future growth and healthy value generation in the tourism sector. We want to contribute to profitable development in the industry, but within a framework that safeguards environmental and societal values.

Ever since people first settled the island of Støtt, people’s livelihoods have been dependent on working in harmony with nature. The same holds true for the hospitality and the experiences that are offered travellers. Today these core attitudes still guide all of our decisions. In recent times, we have had an uncompromising focus on respecting and emphasising the local community’s heritage, and preserving Støtt’s distinctive features, traditions and authentic coastal culture.

As we continue to develop Støtt as a tourism destination, we remain convinced that it is vital for our company to concentrate on those market segments that are most sustainable in the long term. In this regard, we must consider the societal as well as the environmental and economic aspects of sustainability.

Our company aims to provide safe, satisfying and enriching experiences to all who visit our island, regardless of their gender, race, disability or difficulties.

The UN’s Sustainability Goals are important guideposts for our concept and strategy.


Environmental conservation and sustainability

Støtt’s landscape and natural heritage must not be degraded. Future generations of islanders, people who have holiday homes here, and visitors from Norway and abroad must be able to enjoy our island and its natural treasures as much as we who live here today do.

Our thinking has a long-term perspective. We recognise that our beautiful surroundings and natural resources are scarcity factors, and in many respects not renewable.

As a consequence:

  • The adventures and activities that we offer must be on nature’s own terms.
  • We must preserve and protect our island’s nature reserve and its diversity of flora, bird species and other fauna.
  • We must help strengthen the robustness of Støtt’s biological diversity. Endangered bird species must be protected and their populations strengthened.
  • Our goal is never to litter, pollute or desecrate our natural surroundings. Every spring, our beaches and islets are littered with plastics and other rubbish. We participate in the annual beach cleaning efforts together with our residents’ association.
  • We believe preservation and nurture of the essential aspects of the surrounding landscape are essential to preserving the intrinsic beauty for which Støtt is renowned.
  • Birding (bird watching) is a promising addition to our activities menu, and an area of potential investment. However, before deciding to invest significantly in this market sector, we will carry out a vulnerability analysis so that we ensure that such a development is done in an ecologically mindful and responsible manner.


Preserving our cultural and environmental uniqueness

STØTT – Top of Helgeland’s concept and core values are to respect, highlight and develop our island community’s heritage, traditions, cultural authenticity and distinctive features.

That is why we have been faithfully and carefully restoring the Støtt Old Trading Post, one building at a time. We now offer accommodation in the old Bakery, Stabburet and Rorbua. The old store now houses Restaurant Gammelbutikken and a fisheries museum. In this work, the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund, Innovation Norway, Nordland County and Meløy Municipality have been important contributors and partners, with regards to expertise as well as financing.

An intrinsic aspect of our core products is to share our Dissemination of our cultural heritage. One of Støtt’s most popular products is a guided tour of our fisheries museum. Visitors value the insights they get into our history, coastal culture and traditions. For us it is a point of pride to share our cultural heritage with visitors.


Economic sustainability

Financially, the main goal of STØTT – Top of Helgeland is to remain economically viable and competitive over the long-term. Ever since the company was founded, we have been taking a systematic step-by-step approach to development in line with our market growth. Growth must be profitable while ensuring quality at all levels. A key goal is to develop year-round activity and year-round jobs.


The strengthening of social values

Our heart belongs to Støtt, and our aim is to make a positive contribution to our island community in terms of economic activity, jobs, communications and transportation services

STØTT – Top of Helgeland aims to ensure that residents, people who come to stay in their holiday homes here, as well as tourists, are all able to enjoy Støtt. The development of Støtt, and the increased well-being of all who live here, whether seasonally or year round, is important for our tourism company. We want the restored Støtt Old Trading Post to be an important arena for our fellow islanders, and for this arena and our company to be important engine that contributes to a positive development for our community as a whole. We wish to empower the Støtt community, imbuing it with increased energy and optimism.

We are mutually dependent on each other.



At Støtt, we offer a broad range of eco-friendly adventures and activities. Please feel free to contact us for details and for a tailor-made programme.