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4 days

min. 6 persons

Norwegian, English

STØTT is situated in the far north of the Helgeland region. Choose Støtt as your base, for we offer a wide range of exciting adventures. You can sign up for a fast-paced RIB sea-rafting safari, go on a deep-sea fishing trip, ascend the highest peaks, go climbing on a glacier, rappel down sheer cliffs, and ride the wild surf in a kayak!

What you will experience

Helgeland – the most beautiful coastline in the world. Here you are part of adventures that give you an adrenaline rush like perhaps never before. As our name indicates, STØTT – Top of Helgeland is situated in the far north of Helgeland. Choose Støtt as your holiday base, and we’ll offer you a wide range of amazing adventures. Join us for a RIB sea-rafting safari or a deep-sea fishing trip. Ride the wild surf in a kayak, ascend the highest peaks before racing down their steep snow-covered slopes, go climbing on a glacier, and rappel down sheer cliffs!

We offer active holidays for travellers who are in good shape, but who are eager to step outside their comfort zone and get into even better shape. Feel the adrenaline rush as you push yourself to your edge! But know that you are in good hands, guided by our experienced instructors. And join us each evening in our venerable Restaurant Gammelbutikken, for memorable dining and a celebration of the day’s adventures!

Here we mention just a few examples of what your active holiday might look like; the opportunities are many. Please note that we always tailor our excursions and adventures to the wishes and interests of your group. Contact us for a tailor-made offer – and be ready to take the Helgeland coast by storm!

Day 1 – Bodø – Saltstraumen – Støtt:

Kayaking the surf – and surfing the Saltstraumen tidal current!
Whether you’re flying from Oslo or Trondheim, we recommend arriving at Bodø in the morning. We’ll pick you up in a minibus or maxi-taxi at the airport and drive to the port where our RIB sea raft is waiting to speed us to the legendary Saltstraumen! This is one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. The maelstrom or whirlpools generated have been immortalised by authors such as Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe. Now we invite you to rise to the challenge and surf the waves of Saltstraumen!

Afterwards we chart a course out into the open sea to the island of Støtt, situated 32 nautical miles south of Bodø. It’s time to check into your quarters at the Old Trading Post. Then we’ll lunch on fresh seafood and raise our glasses in a toast to our first adventures.

Our kayaks and guide are waiting for us. Let’s explore the majestic archipelago, its crystal-clear waters and chalk-white sandy beaches. You will soon see why Støtt is renowned as Norway’s best area for sea kayaking. But first our experienced guide will give us thorough safety instructions and a briefing on the challenges that await us. Then we’ll each grab our oar, choose our kayak, and head for the exposed waters off the western shore of Svenningen, the largest island of the Støtt archipelago. This side of Svenningen faces the Vestfjord, which despite its name is an open stretch of sea. The area is perfect for breakwaters and riding the waves, but the islets and reefs also offer some protection. If you yearn for a greater challenge we’ll head for Kunna, which is totally exposed to the ravaging sea. Your expert guide will take you on a kayaking adventure that suits your group’s wishes and level of expertise.

The evening is devoted to “après kayak”. In other words, memorable adventures deserve to be celebrated with memorable dining! We’ll feast on a three-course gourmet meal, which our chef has prepared with the freshest catch from the nearby waters and other ingredients from our islands, accompanied by excellent wines or other beverages of your choice.

Day 2 – Kayaking and a summit hike at Kunna

Kunna (599 m), situated just north of Støtt, enjoys a majestic view. Join us on the kayaking excursion across the sound, Stabbsundet. After 4 km we’ll pull our kayaks onshore at Nerstranda and proceed on foot, straight up to the summit. The terrain is challenging, but your reward is an incredible panorama, spanning from the jagged peaks of the Lofoten Islands, to the Træna archipelago and the Svartisen glacier.

If you want a longer but less strenuous alternative, we can hike along the foot of Kunna, a scenic six-kilometre hike through lush vegetation, on chalk-white beaches, and over rocky slopes that have been polished by aeons of stormy waves. Naturally we round off our adventure by kayaking back to Støtt, alternatively returning by boat.

This is an all-day excursion, so we’ve packed good lunches and lots of drink for the journey.

Day 3 – An adventure on the Svartisen glacier

The next day, a RIB sea-rafting ride takes us towards Svartisen, beautifully situated innermost on a fjord arm. This is the second-largest glacier on the Norwegian mainland. Svartisen and its surroundings form an exotic landscape. How about a cool swim in a turquoise-coloured lake of glacial meltwater? When you are ready, your expert glacier guide will provide you with crampons and an ice axe and lead you up onto the glacier itself. You will be amazed at the many types of ice and their varied colours, the deep crevasses that demand extra care, and the amazing ice formations.

After our glacier trek, we’ll eat packed lunches, before heading back across the waves to Støtt. Waiting for us will be an “après glacier” celebration, with a barbecue, music and drinks on the pier.

Day 4 – A summit hike to Hestmannen, Rødøyløva or Helgelandsbukken

Hestmannen and Rødøyløva are two of the most distinctive mountains in Helgeland. A third option is Helgelandsbukken (1454 m). The panorama from each of these mountains will make you feel you have ascended to the top of Northern Norway! Today we’ll challenge one of these summits.

Rødøyløva (443 m) is like a majestic lion that guards the Helgeland coast. Since time immemorial this has been a renowned landmark for seamen and fishermen sailing the coast. In recent years, Nepalese Sherpas have built stone stairs, making it very convenient to reach the top, where an unforgettable view of literally thousands of islands, islets and skerries awaits you.

After our mountain hike, we’ll have lunch at Klokkergården, once the old sexton’s residence. The friendly host invites us into the well-maintained, stately building.

Hestmannen (the Horseman) has also been a well-known sailing mark for centuries of ships crossing the Arctic Circle. Hestmannen (571 m) demands that you be in pretty good shape, as there are a few rough sections that require actual climbing. The summit rewards your effort with an incredible view of the entire Helgeland coast, from Røst and the Lofoten Islands in the north to the Vega archipelago in the south. You can also see Træna, Norway’s oldest fishing community, and the island’s characteristic mountains, Trænstavene. On the summit we’ll open our packed lunches and eat while savouring the amazing panorama.

You will experience Helgeland’s beautiful archipelago also from sea level, as our RIB sea raft speeds across the waves. This brings the rich birdlife and varied marine animals up close. If your group chooses, we can head out to Karlsholmen lighthouse for a barbecue and celebratory drink. Depending on the season and weather, you can marvel at the midnight sun glowing behind the jagged peaks of the Lofoten Islands, while sea eagles soar high above us.

Day 5 – Deep sea fishing on a traditional fishing smack

What avid angler hasn’t dreamed of joining an experienced Norwegian skipper for a deep-sea fishing trip? We invite you to crew on board his fishing smack, as he heads out onto the open sea in search of halibut and big cod. You are almost guaranteed to hook a fish.

If you would like to feast on your catch, our chef will help you cook up a great seafood meal. The preparation and dining are sure to be memorable! Alternatively we can pack and freeze your catch.

Day 6 – Return home

After breakfast, it is time to begin your journey home – or continue your holiday travels. Støtt enjoys excellent communications, with daily northbound and southbound express boats. We can also arrange a charter boat to take you to the destination of your choice.

See you at Støtt!

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  • Saltstraumen tidal current and maelstrom
  • Kayaking and summit hikes
  • Deep-sea fishing on a traditional fishing boat
  • Glacier trek on Svartisen
  • Hestmannen
  • Rødøya
  • Helgelandsbukken

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  • Warm woollen clothing
  • Windproof and waterproof outer garments
  • Good boots
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

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