Fotograf Magne Myrvold

3-5 hours

min. 2 participants

Norwegian, English

What you will experience

With over 12,000 islands and islets, the Helgeland coast is an amazing paradise for anyone who is interested in bird watching. You will find a great variety of bird species, some of them quite rare. Many seabirds nest along the coast and on the islands, living and finding sustenance in the wild or in proximity to fisheries and other human activity.

On islands of Støtt and on the Kunna peninsula, birdwatchers have registered about 200 different species. Here you might see seabirds such as Storm Petrel, Northern Gannet and Arctic Fulmar, as well as predators such as the Rough-legged Buzzard all in the same area. Moreover, rather to unique to Støtt is that you might see bird species that prefer extremely different habitats: wetlands and seashore, farmland, woodlands, heathlands and open country.

At Støtt, we cater to bird watchers and encourage the noble pastime of birding. We do this in cooperation with partners who share our focus. To give just one example of our efforts, we collaborate with architects to develop bird-watching blinds that are adapted to our beautiful surroundings.

Be considerate to birds, wildlife and people

In accordance with our sustainability strategy, we are dedicated to efforts aimed at strengthening species diversity and encouraging the growth of vulnerable bird populations.

We urge you to follow these important guidelines:

• Avoid lingering in nesting areas or places where you think birds may be nesting.
• Never chase birds or other animals, or behave in any way that may split parents and their offspring.
• If you unintentionally scare birds away from their nest, please leave the area as soon as possible. (If the nest is on the ground and lined with down, place a protective covering over the nest before leaving.)
• Dogs must be leashed at all times.
• If you have a cat or dog, keep it under your control. They can do great damage in a short time!
• Stay on the paths as much as possible.
• Be especially cautious in cold or rainy weather. Eggs and hatchlings are extremely vulnerable because they lose heat quickly.
• During the nesting season, driving any and all motorised vehicles in outfields or wilderness is strictly prohibited.

Nature reserves

Please note that all the islets and skerries of our archipelago are an integral part of Støtt and Flatværet-Varkgård Nature Reserve. During the nesting season between 15 April and 31 July, it is strictly forbidden to go ashore. Special protective regulations apply within this nature reserve.

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  • Amazing birdlife
  • Pristine scenery
  • The beautiful island of Støtt

Useful information

Remember to bring

  • Outdoor clothes that suit the weather. Check the weather forecast.
  • Windproof and waterproof outer garments
  • Good hiking boots
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen


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How we safeguard your health and safety

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