Deep-sea fishing

Photographer: Kenneth Mikkelborg

5 hours

6-12 participants

Norwegian & English

Deep-sea fishing with an authentic fishing boat

Rumour has it that we Norwegians are born with skis on our feet – but did you know that salty seawater flows through our veins? Ever since the Stone Age, fish have fed us, and at times provided prosperity. It’s easy to see why when you cast your hook into the water!

What you will experience

You are invited to join a young but experienced fisherman from Støtt on board his fishing vessel. When he takes you out to some of the best fishing spots out on the open sea, you’ll get a taste of what a Norwegian fisherman’s life is like. This boat trip is also a chance to experience a unique stretch of coastline.

Great fishing, year round

The cold, harsh climate combined with the warm waters brought by the Gulf Stream provide a nutrient-rich sea, making the fisheries along Helgeland coast amazingly rich. Regardless of the season of your visit, you are virtually guaranteed a catch.

The most beautiful coastline in the world

That said, we offer deep-sea fishing trips from Støtt from June through September, on request. In Northern Norway during the summer, the midnight sun feels especially magical when you are out on the sea – especially if a large halibut chooses to strike your line just then!

Autumn offers its own surprises, including an amazing play of colours that gradually become more vibrant and intense. The air becomes crisper and the water colder. We’ll take you out to our favoured fishing spots so you can try to hook a delicacy.

No fishing trip is complete until you’ve tasted the catch and told your stories. Seconds after you catch it, we’ll filet your fish, add generous pieces of it to the pot, and serve up one of the best fish soups in all of Norway!

Remember, we can always tailor our excursions to the wishes and interests of your group. Please contact us to discuss the details of your dream deep-sea fishing trip. And happy angling!

This is included

Fishing gear







  • Fish soup
  • Midnight sun
  • A guaranteed catch!
  • Northern Lights
  • A professional crew

Useful information

Remember to bring

  • Clothes that suit the weather. Check the weather forecast.
  • Woollen clothing, and windproof and waterproof outer garments.
  • Warm winter boots
  • Hat and mittens



(Except weeks 29 and 30)


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