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Helgeland has the most beautiful coastline in the world. This is the place to come for magnificent scenery and holiday tranquillity far from the stresses of modern life. Here are literally thousands of islands and islets to explore, with sheltered coves and chalk-white sandy beaches, towering mountains, fjords and glaciers, UNESCO World Heritage attractions, the midnight sun of summer and winter’s Northern Lights, the Arctic Circle, cultural insights, friendly hospitality with a personal touch, and great dining on the best local ingredients including the freshest seafood imaginable.

What you will experience

STØTT is situated in the far north of the Helgeland region. When you choose Støtt as your holiday base, you have opened the door to unparalleled scenic adventures. The clear blue waters, chalk-white sand beaches, glow of the midnight sun, the chirping of birds, and the salty tang of the sea air will clear your mind and immerse you in tranquillity.

Here at Støtt, you will meet a friendly community of islanders who take great pride in their culture and history. So do we, and as your personal host we’ll share stories from our trading post’s golden heyday, and legends about how the famous mountains of the Helgeland coast were created. Welcome to Støtt!

Here we mention just a few examples of what your active holiday might look like; the opportunities are many. Please note that we always tailor our excursions and adventures to the wishes and interests of your group. Contact us for a tailor-made offer – and be ready to take the Helgeland coast by storm!

Day 1 – Arrival to Støtt and a guided walk through the fishing village

Whether you’re flying from Oslo or Trondheim, we recommend arriving at Bodø in the morning. We’ll pick you up in a minibus or maxi-taxi at the airport and drive to the port. Here our RIB sea raft is waiting to speed us across the open sea to Støtt Old Trading Post, situated 32 nautical miles south of Bodø. After you have checked into your quarters, we’ll lunch on great seafood accompanied by refreshing drinks.

After lunch, you’re invited to join us for a guided walk around the island of Støtt and a journey through its history. We’ll start in our Fisheries Museum, located right above the restaurant. Here you will hear tales of the fishermen’s life and toils, of the merchants, of the islands’ history, of the old craft of drying cod, and of the coastal trade with Bergen and export abroad. You also have the opportunity to see the striking illustrations that the renowned artist Kaare Espolin Johnson made for Johan Bojer’s novel The Last of the Vikings. And we’ll tell you more about the lives of the fishermen who inspired Bojer’s novels.

As we walk through the fishing village, you will meet people who are part of the Støtt community. The guide will tell you more about Støtt’s history, and some of the houses and buildings we pass. Our guided walk is also an opportunity to experience the scenery and wildlife up close. Several of the islands of our archipelago are part of a nature reserve that protects numerous rare plant and bird species.

Our walk continues up to Svenningen plateau. Here we explore bunkers and cannon positions that date back to World War II. Your knowledgeable guide will give you insights into local events during Nazi Germany’s occupation. The view from the plateau is spectacular!

In the evening we’ll enjoy a three-course dinner, accompanied by excellent wines or other beverages of your choice, in the venerable Restaurant Gammelbutikken.

Day 2 – A trip to Myken with whiskey tasting

Today we’ll go on a RIB sea-rafting trip on the open sea to the island of Myken, which is about an hour away. In the past, during the winter fishing season, there were often as many as 400 fishermen here. Today only a handful of people live year round on Myken. And yet on this remote island we find the world’s first Arctic Whiskey distillery. We are offered a tour of Myken Distillery, a visit to the “whiskey cathedral”, and offered a chance to taste the noble result of the whiskey distiller’s craft.

Afterwards, the renowned chef Stian Floer will serve us lunch at Fiskebruket Restaurant.

On the way back to Støtt, we’ll stop at Valvær. We’ll walk around the now-abandoned old fishing village and look at the birdlife and the view of the Helgeland coast.

In the evening we’ll enjoy a three-course dinner, accompanied by excellent wines or other beverages of your choice in the venerable Restaurant Gammelbutikken.

Day 3 – An easy-going kayak adventure, a boat trip in the archipelago, and free time

After breakfast, you are invited to a guided kayaking adventure, with instruction. You don’t need any prior experience. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the remarkable beauty of the islands and islets of our archipelago, and their sheltered waters and coves. If you’re already an experienced kayaker and are eager for a challenge, we have guided excursions that are tailored to your skills and wishes. You will soon find out why this part of the Helgeland coast is said to offer the best kayaking in all of Norway. Here are literally thousands of islands and islets to explore, crystal-clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches. You will also have the opportunity to explore the amazing birdlife of Støtt’s nature reserve.

If you prefer an alternative to kayaking, we can take you on a boat trip in our archipelago, giving you the opportunity to have the same scenic experience.

After a tasty seafood lunch back at Støtt, you are free to spend the rest of the day as you wish, for instance hiking and exploring our treasured scenic island.

In the evening we’ll enjoy a three-course dinner, accompanied by excellent wines or other beverages of your choice, in the venerable Restaurant Gammelbutikken.

Day 4 – Deep sea fishing on a traditional fishing smack

What avid angler hasn’t dreamed of joining an experienced Norwegian skipper for a deep-sea fishing trip? We invite you to crew on board his fishing smack, as he heads out onto the open sea in search of halibut and big cod. You are almost guaranteed to hook a fish.

If you would like to feast on your catch, our chef will help you cook up a great seafood meal. The preparation and dining are sure to be memorable! Alternatively we can pack and freeze your catch.

Day 5 – Time on your own

Today is a day for relaxation or further exploration. You can walk Støtt’s shoreline, do Yoga on the polished rock slabs or on a chalk-white beach, swim in the crystal-clear sea, or sit back and listen to the song and cacophony of the island’s thriving birdlife. We believe you will be well rewarded by “being” in the landscape, taking time for calm reflection away from people, and immersing yourself in the sensory experience of the Helgeland coast.

It can also be a time for enjoying a shared adventure with your partner or group of fellow travellers. If you wish, you can rent bikes, kayaks or a boat.

We end the day with a five-course dinner in Restaurant Gammelbutikken.

Day 6 – Return home

After breakfast, it is time to begin your journey home – or continue your holiday travels. Støtt enjoys excellent communications, with daily northbound and southbound express boats. We can also arrange a charter boat to take you to the destination of your choice.

See you at Støtt!

This is included


Food and dining


Expert guides


  • Local history
  • Guided walk through our fishing village
  • Immersion in magnificent scenery
  • A rich and amazing birdlife and marine wildlife
  • Kayaking suitable for everyone
  • Deep-sea fishing on a traditional fishing boat
  • RIB sea-rafting excursion to Myken
  • Whiskey tasting

Useful information

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  • Outdoor clothing that suit the weather. Check the weather forecast.
  • Warm woollen clothing, and windproof and waterproof outer garments
  • Good winter boots
  • Cap and mittens

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