Excursion to Hestmannen


Fotograf Simon Fossheim / Helgeland Reiseliv


4-12 people

Norwegian & English

Hestmannen is your first choice if you want a truly challenging summit hike. For this adventure you need to be in good shape. Join us for an ascent of the summit about which so many legends are told!

What you will experience

A 90-minute voyage with our sturdy RIB sea raft takes us to the island of Storselsøy. This is where we find Hestmannen (571 m), a mountain with a distinct shape. Its summit offers a breathtaking panorama.

The mountains of Helgeland were trolls in ancient legends. The Horseman was passionately in love with the Maiden of Leka. The Maiden and the Seven Sisters fled when they saw the Horseman coming, leading to a frenzied flight down the Helgeland coast. When the Horseman realized that he never could reach the Maiden, he drew his mighty bow in rage and sent an arrow speeding towards her. The Sulis King had been watching the drama closely. The moment the arrow left the bowstring, the king cast his hat into the air, deflecting the arrow and saving the Maiden’s life. With the sun’s first rays the Horseman and everyone else were turned to stone. The pierced hat fell into the sea. Today we know it as Torghatten, the mountain with the characteristic hole in it.

After we arrive on the southern shore of Storseløy, a local guide leads us up Hestmannen (the Horseman). We will, however, stop just below the summit, as the uppermost slopes are very steep and challenging. Nonetheless, the view is incredible and one you won’t forget. As you stand here we feel confident you will agree: Helgeland really does have the most beautiful coastline in the world!

Only a part of the Hestmannen trail is marked. We strongly recommend that you make no attempt to hike this mountain on your own.

This is included





  •  RIB sightseeing along the world’s most beautiful coast
  • An invigorating mountain hike
  • Spectacular views of the Helgeland coast

Useful information

Remember to bring

  • Hiking clothes that suit the weather. Check the weather forecast.
  • Warm woollen clothing
  • Windproof and waterproof outer garments
  • Good hiking boots
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and caps

Important information

Participants should be in good physical shape and experienced with summit hikes.

We’ll start our excursion from Støtt’s guest harbour.

For all of our excursions, we require that participants have valid travel insurance.
Unfortunately, this RIB sea-rafting adventure is not suitable for anyone who has back problems or similar ailments.

Price and cancellation

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How we safeguard your health and safety

We strictly follow the guidelines set by the Norwegian health authorities.

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